Traditional Liberals aimed for “Getting out of the way”


The further we move along the track towards a low Carbon Economy, the clearer it is that the target is See the source imageachievable, and the more obvious it is that the current Coalition Government are incapable of leading us into the Promised Land.

The recent report that we can hit our targets by government simply getting out of the way is still being argued, but Voters need to remember that Scott Morrison and his failed Minister for “Fair Dinkum Energy”, Angus Taylor, can’t help but meddle as they try to force Coal into their final solution.

As much fun as it is watching the Coalition’s BBL (Big Bash Liberals) continually trying to run each other out, See the source imageafter a while it has a sameness in it’s daily grind, and as folk weary of that sameness, it’s time to get on with the job of easing us through the transition.

However to do that you need to look outside the dugout, and recognise that transition is occurring and inevitable.

With the increasingly likelihood of their line-up being severely reduced at the next Federal Election, especially the more Jurassic elements, it’s well past time for them to get their collective fingers out and become part of the solution.

Isn’t that why they originally signed up for politics in the first place? To make good decisions for Australia?


100% Renewables can be reached quickly.

Coalition’s Energy policy continues to unravel

Australia could be 100% renewables by 2032 at current rate of wind and solar installs

GetUp’s ‘hard right’ hitlist for federal election revealed


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