Chaos Theory and Scott Morrison

I’m at a loss as to why folk think there is a rational plan behind Scott Morrison’s latest PR campaign followingsco mo the shattering of his “big stick” (or should that read big swinging dick) policy.

Ockham’s Razor offers the hypothesis of “simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones”.

Scott governs by knee jerk reactions with all the missteps that brings with it, and he’s too panicked to pull it all together especially on Energy matters where he clearly doesn’t understand how market forces affect the price.

With the Big Stick turning into a Big Toothpick, and his chaotic style driving energy prices higher, he is left trying to look busy, so he just keeps throwing See the source imagestuff out there, hoping to get lucky.

Snowy 2 already looks more expensive than it’s competition (approx. double the price) and that’s without allowing for any engineering surprises. The Tassie Battery of the Nation only hits it’s straps as Coal is phased out, but here again, Morrison claims Coal is king.

He can’t have it both ways, but he is so out of his depth he doesn’t know it.

Once we had the argument that we should wait for the Feds to coordinate our response to Climate Change. Clearly that wasn’t based on a chap like Scott who can’t coordinate his own policies or his party.


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